CBCI  Office Health Care is happy to announce the news about our website which will access you to keep informed of the Health care apostolate of the Catholic Church in India.  Our Office for Health Care is not directly involved in running health care centers life dispensaries and hospitals but try to accompany the large network of the Health care mission of the Catholic Church in India. CBCI Office for Health Care is led by three Bishops who are elected by the CBCI General Assembly, namely Archbishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Prakas Mallavrappu, Archbishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Felix Toppo, Rt. Rev. Dr. Bp. Jacob Manathodath along with a full-time National Secretary, Rev. Fr. Julius Arackal CMI. We have a national platform consisting of all the Secretaries of all the ecclesiastical regions of the CBCI. Each region has a health commission led by a Chairman bishop from the region. We also collaborate with CHAI and participate in the deliberations and planning meetings. We are closely associated with Sister Doctors Forum of India, the Catholic Nurses Guild of India, and others who are directly involved in the health care mission of the Church. The office keeps playing the role of animating and empowering those in the field reminding them of the Catholic Church Health Policy and of the need to continue the healing of Jesus Christ and strive to reach out to the unreached sections of the society, the poor, and the needy in the remote areas a well as the urban poor and middle-class families.  You will know more about the healing ministry of the Catholic Church by visiting our website which will be regularly updated. I take this opportunity to thank Fr Julius Arackal CMI, our Secretary, and all those who helped in designing the website for launching it.